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About Us


Dallas-Fort Worth Jeet Kune Do Academy began in 2010. The concept behind the school was to unite martial artists from different backgrounds under one roof so that the needs and goals of the student could be fulfilled at one facility.

It was our determination, our dedication to take martial arts training to a superior level by building an academy that represented decades of combined martial arts training and experience.

Our focus is to provide a programs for kids and adults that emphasizes both self-refinement training (attributes necessary to perform a technique) and self-preservation training (mandatory practice of drills necessary to survive life-threatening situations).

The academy provides a diversified, well-rounded program able to meet the needs of all students. We have programs in Self-Defense, Submission Grappling (BJJ), Women's Self-Defense, Bully Proofing, Law Enforcement, MMA (Mixed Martial Arts), Kickboxing, Kids Programs, and General Fitness. The instructors utilize their individual areas of expertise. The student therefore, may choose a curriculum that is highly specialized in a given area, or may elect to participate in multiple programs for a more customized learning experience. Realizing the importance of all physical ranges of fighting, our curriculum incorporates instruction in attacks/defense from standing range, weapons range, and while on the ground. It is our experience, to be most effective, training must consist of repetitive learning to develop “muscle-memory.”

The instructors at Dallas-Fort Worth Jeet Kune Do Academy strongly view martial arts as a "way of life.” At the end of the day, our goal is to improve self-confidence, enhance overall fitness, reduce stress, and provide the necessary tools to deal with the reality of living in an ever increasing threatening society.