School News


Posted on 25th, July 2015

Beginning Monday, July 27th, Coach Bill will be introducing training in the Gi.  Previously, our BJJ class has focused strictly on No-Gi instruction.  Based on interest expressed by our students, as well as the practical nature of Gi training for a street confrontation, we will focus on Gi BJJ through the end of August.  Beginning in September, we will devote one class per month to No-Gi and the remainder will be taught Gi.  Please come prepared with your Gi and belt and be ready to roll.

In addition, we have decided to restrict the use of shoes of any kind while on the red BJJ mats.  The mats are continually being marred by black soled shoes and it has been difficult, if not impossible, to maintain them.  This will also help to keep those who have white Gi's in better condition as well.  Thank you for your cooperation and understanding.


Sifu Kirk and Coach Bill