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Posted on 28th, August 2015

Introduction to Street JKD with Sifu Kirk Weicht

I will be leaving Thursday, September 3rd for Sri Lanka , the pearl of Indian Ocean.  The purpose of my trip is to reunite with my friend and fellow Jeet Kune Do Athletic Association a.k.a  JKDAA member, Sifu Tithira Perera.  I will be conducting a seminar entitled "Introduction to Street JKD" on September 5th and 6th.  In addition, Tithira and I will be teaching a Damini Project Women's Self Defense Seminar based on our Escape to Gain Safety Program.  Lastly, we will be training Law Enforcement in our Rapid Assault Tactics (R.A.T.) curriculum.  I am excited to have this opportunity and look forward to my departure.  All scheduled classes at DFWJKDA will continue as normal with guest instructors filling in for Sifu Kirk in his abscence. I will return the evening of September 13th and will resume teaching on September 14th.

Sri Lanka