Rapid Assault Tactics Program

For anyone interested in learning a no-nonsense method of self-protection from an amazingly gifted teacher, I would strongly recommend Sifu Kirk Weicht’s Intensive Personal Training Program. The method Kirk teaches in the 10-hour program – Rapid Assault Tactics – was developed by Paul Vunak for use by Seal Team Six as a practical, quickly learnable method of dealing with attackers who may be bigger, stronger, more skilled in certain areas and intent on inflicting serious harm.

Kirk is able to gauge his teaching to the student’s level, drilling into not only the physical aspects of the system but the mental component necessary to successfully survive a violent encounter. There are no fancy ‘sounds good in theory but can’t imagine this working for real’ moves. Instead, everything is direct, to-the-point, easy to learn and to do under stress and you can readily experience and test the power of the system.

Kirk truly loves what he does – making a positive difference in people’s lives – and it shows throughout his teaching. His enthusiasm for martial arts in general and his specific disciplines, including Jeet Kune Do and Kali, makes each lesson an exciting and enriching experience. While the RAT method is ultimately focused on making sure the student can walk (run!) away from a violent encounter, through his teaching, Kirk clearly conveys his ultimate goal is to help a person improve their confidence and their character.

While Kirk is a very gifted martial artist and teacher, as a person he is very humble, down-to-earth and approachable. Creating a good class environment for his students is very important to him. His training facility – the DFW Jeet Kune Do Academy – is one of the nicest martial arts facilities I’ve ever been in. It is definitely worth a visit and, whether for the Intensive Personal Training Program or for the school’s regular classes, it gets my highest recommendation.


Gabe Koch

Irving, Texas

Amazed by son's transformation

When my son first began classes at Dallas-Fort Worth Jeet Kune Do, he was shy and introverted.  I thank God everyday for Sifu Kirk D. Weicht, his wife Jeanette, and Coach Matt.  I am amazed at my son's transformation.  Jeet Kune Do class is the one thing that I never have to make him attend.  As a matter of fact, he always wans to be early.  My son's confidence is through the roof.  He shows me so much more respect now, and he's eager to help me with anthing and everything.  He looks forward to each and every class.  At the beginning of the summer, Sifu Kirk put on a one week summer camp, Monday through Friday, 8am to noon.  I've never been able to drop off my son and leave him, not to mention get him up that early during summer vacation.  Each day he excitedly got up and got ready, plus, he did not want me to stay with him.  My son has really come into his own and I truly believe that Sifu Kirk deserves all of the credit.  I am so happy that we found them.  Recently, I joined the adult JKD class.  Everyone there genuinely wants to see you succeed and are quick to jump in to help if they see you struggling in any area.  It is like one big accepting family.  I truly feel blessed to have them in my sons's and also my life.

Brimming with sincerity


Wow, what a wonderful group of people Sifu Kirk Weicht has under one roof!  In a fully equipped gym, I am amazed at Dr. Weicht's skill mastery in many martial arts. I have much to learn I can tell, and this sets me on a new adventure with him about getting to explore Jeet Kune Do.  His knowledge of bio-mechanics, human motor learning and performance is medically based and progressive.

Sifu Weicht's demeanor as a teacher is brimming with sincerity about wanting to pass his knowledge on to you.  His patience rating is off the scale, and he made me feel at ease noticing how out of shape I was in my first class (as many rest breaks as I needed).

Again, I'm thankful for his patience (my age is 50+), and letting me experience his expert teaching abilities.  I've watched his children's class, only to realize that several of the youngsters could take me to the ground!

Finally, Dr. Kirk Weicht and his elite group of assistant teachers and dedicated students have become a 2nd family. In no time, I have lost two inches off my waist!  I'm wearing clothes I haven't been able to wear for years. Come and see the academy!

Realistic training for Police Officers

I've been training at Dallas-Fort Worth Jeet Kune Do fairly consistently for the past 4 years. The programs that are offered are the most realistic combat training I have ever encountered. As a police officer, I have a duty to train to ensure my safety on a daily basis. The instructors are experts in their fields and the facility is top notch. A close second to the real world training are the attitudes and personalities of the instructors and students. I have never witnessed anything other than a professional AND friendly atmosphere. I've trained in several different schools and understand the intimidation factor of "walking in to a school". This is not the place to feel intimidated by. I have found a home here and eagerly look forward to training on a weekly basis. Whether you're looking for real world training, sport training or fitness, there is something for everyone and class tempos are tailored to the students needs and skill level.

Fulfills my self-defense objectives

I've been attending Kirk's martial arts studio and classes once a week for the last four years. I have found the training extremely useful in fulfilling my self-defense objectives.

Kirk is very patient and thoughtful in his instruction manner -- I had zero experience when I started but he worked me into his ongoing classes smoothly. He is conscientious and thoughtful with each student.

Kirk, and his enthusiastic wife Jeanette, run a clean, safe, and well-equipped studio with a friendly clientele. And, their membership rates are very reasonable. I have no reservations in recommending this martial arts academy because I'm confident that you will be pleasantly surprised and rewarded.

Unique teaching style

I have been studying Martial Arts for the last 12 years.  Recently, I had the opportunity to work with Kirk  Weicht on various projects covering Military Courses, Women's Self Defense, Corporate Workshop and JKD Seminar while he was in India.

The way  Kirk teaches is amazing. He is very humble and easy to approach. He has this wonderful ability to blend evenly with any age group and gender. I saw kids, women, Military Officers and trained fighters coming over to Kirk on multiple occasions  asking their queries regarding Martial Arts and Lifestyle. Kirk did a commendable job of teaching and empowering them with his years of knowledge and skills along with his wisdom.

Along with his professionalism shown in work outside the academy, he has proven to be a great mentor inside the academy as well.  We had a number of group and private training sessions together and each time I  learned something new from him.  He has a very direct and simple approach when it comes to teaching. He can break down even the most complex of  moves and  teach them in the least amount of time, while making the move functional for real life application.

I would like to thank Kirk from the bottom of my heart for training me to improve my overall fighting and teaching skills and for being a very good friend and a mentor for life.

Eagerly waiting to train with him again. Jeet !!

Encyclopedia of Martial Arts Knowledge

I first started training with Sifu Charles Rice about 16 years ago, in the style of Kung Fu, at his School Of Self Awareness. I trained there for a few years before life got in the way causing me to have to stop.  Fast forward to a couple of years ago, when I decided I wanted to get back into martial arts, I knew I had to track down Sifu Rice again.  He is an encyclopedia of martial arts knowledge and application,  and he has an amazing ability to break down the techniques into the simplest pieces for anyone to be able to learn it. Regardless of where you are in your martial arts journey, Sifu Rice will be able to take you to your next level. I am honored and privileged to call him not only my teacher,  but also my friend.

Positive Encouraging Atmosphere

Both of my children, ages 12 and 10, began training at DFW JKD about a year and a half ago. I am incredibly thankful for such a wonderful school and caring staff. I am thrilled that my children are learning a variety of martial arts to teach self-defense, self-discipline, physical fitness and having fun in a positive encouraging atmosphere at the same time! As a parent, I appreciate the important lessons that are taught on anti-bullying and self-respect, which is definitely an issue each child encounters. I cannot say enough positive things about Kirk, Jeanette, Roo and would most definitely encourage every parent to come by and check out this great class!

My life's single, greatest, personal, inspiration

Charles Rice has been my lifes single, greatest, personal, inspiration and continues to teach me new things after more than a decade of training with him. He has obtained unfathomable levels of mastery in teaching and application of technique, that only a lifetime of work could produce.   I searched many years for the right teacher after earning a black belt in another martial art. My search through California and Nevada left me feeling frustrated and held back. I needed a teacher with the confidence, knowledge and skill to train me from black belt level to some place beyond that- a teacher who could physically demonstrate his teachings in a spontaneous fashion, rather than through ritualistic routine, who could tie his methods to sensible, rationale that translated to real combative situations.  I wanted a teacher who focused more on skill level than rank. I looked for someone with decades of experience who was careful about his decision to promote students to black belt level.  My search for the right teacher spanned from the ages of 18 to about 29 when I met Sifu Charles Rice.   His skill level was reminiscent of a monk. Though I had years of experience, it felt like Ihad never trained. I swore he was hitting me with an extra hand hidden in his clothes somewhere. From our first encounter, I knew Charles was the teacher I had been searching for.  Charles made training fun and engaging in a way that makes one forget how hard he is working.  I am more proud to be a black sash under Charles Rice than I am to have graduated from college.  I highly recommend him to students of all skill levels.

Welcoming Attitude

I have been training under Steven for nearly a year and, as one who is fairly new to any sort of martial training, I can still vividly recall my first day.  I showed up early to get a feel for the place, not feeling quite comfortable standing in a room with others skillfully practicing various combat arts, but Steven was one of the first to introduce himself and make me feel welcome.  Even now, months later, I still feel welcome with every training session as he continues to guide us in becoming greater practitioners.  This is just one of the many reasons why the DFW Jeet Kune Do Academy has become my unofficial second home.  It's not just about the wealth of knowledge that the various instructors can provide or the excellent quality of the facilities, but mainly because of the community that exists there.  I couldn't have asked to be guided by a better group of instructors.  Thank you as always.