Invaluable programs for women

The Women's Self-Defense Seminar at Dallas/Fort Worth Jeet Kune Do Academy is for every woman who wants to be empowered. Instructor Kirk Weicht provides an interactive experience where you learn effective self-defense techniques in a safe environment. Passionate about women's self-defense, Kirk has designed a program to ensure you receive the most valuable knowledge that not only ensures your safety, but also promotes confidence. I would most definitely recommend this seminar.

More Confident and Disciplined

My 9 yr old son began training JKD and Jiu Jitsu with Kirk's school a little over a year ago. He has learned so much and is now a much more confident and disciplined kid. I grew up with martial arts and know there are many styles and schools out there. This is why I have been very impressed with the level of education and training my son has received. DFW JKD Academy is a great school.

Positive Learning Experience to Students

I met Kirk Weicht several years ago while training with Paul Vunak and Progressive Fighting Systems in Southern California. During the following years I had the chance to train with Kirk in my school in Boca Raton, Florida and again in California. As a former (retired) Police Sergeant with over 28 years of experience in various sections of Law Enforcement from the Road Patrol Division, Under-Cover Operations, to sixteen (16) years with one of the most respected S.W.A.T. Teams in the country, I have met very few people that I hold in such high regard as Kirk Weicht.

Kirk is a professional in every aspect of his life. He is a highly respected and well known Veterinarian in the Dallas-Ft. Worth area. He is the owner and Head Instructor of Dallas- Ft.Worth Jeet Kune Do Academy. Kirk is a well versed Martial Artist who always gives a positive learning experience to his students. He carries a strong presence and has no ego! Kirk is one of the best instructors I know! I highly recommend him to all students regardless of their age, gender and ability.

Sergeant (retired) John Riddle

Progressive Self Defense Systems

Boca Raton, Florida

2012 Blackbelt Hall of Fame Instructor of the Year


Fun, challenging, and street lethal!

I attended Kirk Weicht's Intensive Personal Training Program (IPTP) and it was the best investment I've ever made. The training was fun, challenging, and street lethal! Kirk's ability and skill level are on the cutting edge. One of the highlights of the program was learning how to functionalize techniques for the street. This is not your Hollywood Jeet Kune Do/Kali, it is real world Jeet Kune Do/Kali. I highly recommend Kirk Weicht's IPTP course.

Be forewarned, Kirk's Jut Sao can cause whiplash!!!

Uniqueness lies in ability to learn from anyone

I  met Sifu Kirk Weicht along with Sigung Harinder Singh when I was attending a seminar in India hosted by Arun Sharma. He made a good impression on me and I kept in contact with him.  I invited him to Sri Lanka to teach a JKD seminar.  We have developed a strong bond over a short time.

Sifu Kirk Weicht is one of the few people I have ever known who is very humble, down to earth, and kind to people and students. Technical wise, he knows his stuff. But his uniqueness is he never hesitates to learn from anybody. He is very unique in many ways. He respects Sri Lankan customs and blended in with my family and my team very well. Everybody loved him. He is a master in observing people and students. When it came time to rectify flaws in technique, he rectified according to the individual student's level.

I don't have enough words to express my gratitude towards him and his family. From inauguration of JKDAA on 5th of September to our ETGS program, to Military seminar, Sifu Kirk has given me and my team great experience, insight, and knowledge. I hope much success for future endeavours and hope to meet up again soon.

With love and respect,

Tithira Hiranjith Perera
Head instructor - School of Jeet Kune Do Sri Lanka
JKDAA representative - Sri Lanka

Increased Chance of Survival

My work has taken me to over 20 nations and into some extremely dangerous areas. I was recently looking for something that would increase my chances of survival, and those under my supervision, in these foreign lands, in case of attack, robbery, etc. I wanted something I could master in a relatively short amount of time and not have to spend 20 years practicing in order to defend myself and others should the situation arise. So I trained with Kirk and went through his intensive weekend training seminar. Now I can honestly say that I believe that my chances of survival in these dangerous situations and also my ability to protect those with me has significantly increased after training with Kirk.

10 Stars, 4 Thumbs UP

I asked my son what he wanted to do for his 4th birthday and he replied he wanted a karate party. I did a Google search and called a few different places inquiring prices and karate themed party information. Kirk (the owner) was beyond friendly & gave me the best vibe of everyone I reached out to, which is the reason I decided to go with DFW Jeet Kun Do. Considering the circumstance (gathering wild, energized, young boys with short attention spans together), the structured itinerary, decorations, & party favors they provided, the price was beyond reasonable. The party was a BLAST to say the least! Kirk, Mrs. Weicht (his wife) & Roo over exceeded my expectations hosting his party! My son, his guests, and their parents all enjoyed the experience. Bralyn is too young to join the academy at the moment but I highly look forward to enrolling him as soon as he's of age! Id give 10 stars and 4 thumbs up if I could - thank you for such a wonderful experience!

Unique Blend Of Skill and Philosophy

Charles Rice provides a unique blend of skills and philosophy in his system of teaching. As a young teenager, I began pursuit of studies with the intention of learning martial arts, but found a system of learning how to learn which became my foundation that I was personally able to utilize in all areas of my life.
 While I can confirm with complete confidence that his system will help increase, speed, timing, power, coordination, flexibility, and strong cardiovascular conditioning, I can personally testify  this system will lead students down a path of self-awareness. In addition, the student will develop a heightened level of  awareness of their surroundings which will greatly enhance their ability to be proactive and analyze options.This will set the stage for  consistent, life long, learning of how opposing possibilities can be discerned to make the best choices.
From age 15, as a young teenager without a direction, through personal and group training with Master Sifu Charles Rice, I was able to identify my strengths and weaknesses as well as monitor them. I was constantly adjusting to utilize my skills to move from an 18 year old working for a power company picking up trash, to become a Journeyman Electrical Lineman, Class A CDL,Associate of Science, Bachelor of Business Administration, computer programmer, supervisor, project manager, program manager, operations manager, director, to Chief Operating Officer, while serving as a US Army Officer in Military Intelligence  in Iraq, to becoming a Group S2 as a Captain.
I can say without hesitation, that my studies with Charles from age 15 forward were not only the foundation but the catalyst for my personal success which has led me to work hard to also help others find their success.

Brent Taylor
Chief Operating Officer
Action Imports

Great Attitude!

I  went up to DFW to train with Sifu Weicht on PFS. I was very impressed with his instructional professionalism and patience. Another thing that impressed me after meeting with some of his other students was their welcoming "attitude", something most other schools I have attended need to work on. I highly recommend Sifu Weicht as an instructor.

Patient with Students

"Sifu Kirk is one of the best teachers I have met in my lifetime, and such teachers are very rare to come across. While his speed and focus is phenomenal, what struck me the most is how patient he is with his students. He goes at their pace and allows them to develop naturally, rather than forcing them to. While he does correct any flaws in technique he observes, he takes care not to overteach. He is very gentle in his approach yet stern where appropriate; and is always willing to answer our questions. He is very kind and polite to everyone and always takes care of his students. I firmly believe that these are all marks of a great teacher." 

Prageeth Thoradeniya

Sri Lanka School of Jeet Kune Do-Apprentice Instructor